The Hay-Zek Company, based on the Zekibey Group of Companies, was established in November 2002. Our company, serving in the defense industry, also conducts imports and exports.

Our innovative company, which continues to develop, continues to work on R & D with more than 30 patented products. Our company, which has achieved a successful line, has always observed the public interest and served the public. Thanks to the realized technology transfers and R & D studies done, it contributed to the country's economy and development.

Today, Hayzek serves in Defense Military Communication Systems, Military Battery Systems, Police and Gendarmerie Equipment, Military Vehicles and Equipment, Weapons and Ammunition fields.

Having a young dynamic team, HayZek has shaped its products with the factories that it has established together with its business partners. HayZek increases its market share by valuing the products of its representative companies at least as much as its own products.

  • 03.03.2016 | HayZek has signed distributorship contract with Norinco.

    05.02.2012 | HayZek and Enemob cooperation has opened factory in China .

    05.09.2018 | HayZek has build new website.