Military Battery Systems

       Hayzek Defense has been operating in the battery systems sector since 2007. The HayZek team, leading and experienced in the sector, continues production without sacrificing quality.
       HayZek has exported its patented products to more than 40 countries and presented it to users. Our company specializes in manufacturing, design, sales and support in the sector.
       HayZek, the owner of the ÇEBA brand, is continuing production of military batteries with two factories in China. Some of our products and projects are:

    Wireless Batteries
    Disposable alkaline batteries
    Disposable lithium batteries
    Rechargeable military battery blocks
    Disposable military battery blocks
    Tank batteries
    Dry batteries
    UPS batteries
    Drone batteries
    Camera backup batteries
    Military headset batteries
    Portable PowerBanks

  • 03.03.2016 | HayZek has signed distributorship contract with Norinco.

    05.02.2012 | HayZek and Enemob cooperation has opened factory in China .

    05.09.2018 | HayZek has build new website.